a friend in digital

I’m Cat, award winning digital strategy veteran, speaker, Telegraph Woman Of The Year, panel moderator, STEM advocate…and designer of fliers for sausages.

You might have used one of my products today on the way to work. I have designed apps and websites for some of the biggest media companies in the UK and written and executed digital strategies that have seen online sales overtake offline. But in my spare time I was building websites for my friends’ small businesses, rebranding the butcher and writing a social media strategy for the local art gallery.

Then I started getting asked by friends of friends and then their friends…

So I decided to become everyone’s Friend In Digital.

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The rap sheet

I launched the first ever Times and Sunday Times smartphone apps, the first ever Time Out smartphone app and created a product called Sun Goals which was so successful it got syndicated globally.

I wrote the current Telegraph Digital Strategy and saw digital subscriptions increase an order of magnitude.

in my spare time I created the Gender Equality Charter because I want my sons and daughter to grow up as equals.

to talk about corporate contracts please get in touch.



Last year I took centre stage at women of silicon roundabout.

I was asked to be the KeyNote Speaker at an awards ceremony for school leavers with the mandate “just…be inspirational”. We laughed, we cried, I sang (very badly) and my public speaking career was born. recent engagements include google academy, Leaders of Transformation and the audi annual conference.

If you would like me to speak at your event please get in touch.

I talk about all things digital, females in technology / stem, working parents, the gender pay gap and gender equality.



I was the telegraph’s woman of the year 2018 - yeah, it’s a total brag, but what better to brag about than being recognised for the work you love?

joking aside i’m great at my job, but I’m also a really good egg. this good egg-ness is the reason people feel like they can ask me for help - and i really like to help.

if you need help with your “online stuff” whatever it may be, ask your friend in digital.