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social media

How lucky are we to be running businesses in an age where we can reach out and communicate with customers directly on so many channels? And they can communicate back! Social media can yield amazing results for businesses, but sometimes social media can feel overwhelming and at other times, a complete waste of time.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with Social Media, it’s possible that you don’t have a Social Media strategy in place. In other words - why are you posting? Who are you looking for and what are you trying to get them to do? Without a social media strategy sometimes posting online can feel unnecessary. But for a growing business, a strong Social Media media presence is never unnecessary.

If we work on the assumption that your ultimate goal is to get more paying customers for your business, our first task working together will be to get your brand out there on people’s radars - that means finding out where your customers hang out online, what they do online and how they like to receive information.

After that we will work hard to engage your followers - what kind of a message do they respond to? When is the best time to post? What imagery do they like best and what are the optimal hashtags and @mentions to use to reach new customers, and engage existing ones.

After that it’s about growth, using our existing customers and their engagement with your company to get plenty of new ones. Finally we focus on conversion; what messages work best to spur your customers to action - what messages work best to get them to buy the product, download the brochure, fill in the enquiry form or pick up the phone?

A Social Media strategy works best when you’ve done some solid brand work to underpin your presence. A solid brand will decide your voice on social media (are you Funny? Irreverent? Authoritative? Are there any companies or brands your customers align with - and importantly don’t align with?) All this work will help you establish where, when, what and how often you post, and which customers you want to reach on social media.