Do you trust your current website to be your online representative? Is it doing as good a job as you need it to? Is it hitting its KPIs? If not, then choosing not to invest in it is deciding not to convert customers online; a decision that not many businesses can afford to make.

Your website is your online Sales Director; it sells your business online whilst you work offline. It’s got access to far more customers than you do, millions of them, globally. It’s got to be working perfectly, on all devices, 24/7.

Still not sure if you need a better website? Have a look at the questions below and if you answer “yes” to all of them, you are all set. If not, why not let me take a look and make some recommendations?


are you making the right first impression?

Having a bad website is like turning up to a client meeting in your pyjamas. You wouldn’t expect to get hired if you made no effort, so don’t present your business that way. Online, customers are time poor and there are constant pulls on their attention, so if they land on you, you have seconds to convince them to stay with you. Is your website doing that? Is it converting your reach into cash in the bank? If not, then not only is it a waste of time, it might actually be causing your business more harm than good.



Online customers are just as valuable as flesh-and-bones customers walking through your door, so don’t treat them as second rate. I don’t do my own plumbing because I would make a hash of it, so if it’s not your bag, then making your own website can be a false economy. You might save yourself a few pounds in the short term but you may be losing customers. The impression customers get from a poor website is “I don’t care about you enough to invest in giving you a good online experience”.

are you BETTER THAN your competitors?

For a customer to have to go through a bad online experience to try and transact with you, your product had better be absolutely amazing, or you’d better be the only one offering it. If you’re in an industry with plenty of competition, those customers will, within seconds, decide your product is not worth the hassle and they will leave and go and transact with your competition. If you are selling a service that can’t be purchased online, a bad website might even be worse than no website at all.

Still not sure? Have a look at the questions below and if you answer “no” to any of them, we need to talk.


Are you managing your website daily?

Just like a great staff member, your website needs to be looked after to ensure it keeps doing its best for you. What works one week might stop working the next, and unless you are looking at your analytics regularly and making regular changes and improvements to maintain the inflow of customers and smooth out your transaction funnels, then your flow of customers will dwindle. Online there are so many moving parts and variables to constantly be checking that if you ignore your business online, your customers and competitors will move on, and you will be left behind.


are you checking your website analytics daily?

You can easily check if your website is up to the job by looking at your analytics. What percentage of potential customers who reach your website convert? What page are they generally landing on? Is that the right one? If so, is it a page one that you are spending enough time on continuously improving? Where is your main drop-off point and why are customers leaving you there? What is your main source of referrals and how can this be improved? Understanding customer behaviour online is easy once you know how to read your website’s analytics.

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do you understand all this online stuff?

You’ve done all the hard work in creating and cultivating a wonderful business, you can’t be expected to be a digital expert on top of that - there’s a lot to take in!

Expecting every business owner to manage their business online is like expecting every home owner to do their own plumbing. Only a few have the training and the time.

I’ve been in Digital my entire career and the online world moves so fast, even I’m still learning new things every day.

Let’s have a cup of tea and talk it over.